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KB Meister is an online knowledge base manager. It is designed to provide companies a centralized information filing and retrieval system. KB Meister provides the hierarchical framework, much like a mini-Yahoo or a mini-Google, and the webmaster, or users they designate, can enter and manage the knowledge it contains without programming.

KB Meister can be used as part of your public website, as an intranet application for your employees, or as a secure combination of both.


KB Meister can add to your website an online library for a specialized field of knowledge or expertise. Or for support organizations looking for a self-service alternative to a growing FAQ list. Or to easily navigate through a large collection of your cross-indexed product information.

Over time, this framework grows in utility as knowledge objects (URLs) are added and the filing structure (its Dewey Decimal System) refined. Website visitors then bookmark your KB Meister implementation as the place to find the specialized info they seek.

Such an online reference book naturally becomes a magnet for repeat visitation.

Once it becomes the epicenter of the specialized knowledge your industry needs, you can display some of it for members only. Or allow it to simply become a public industry-specific watering hole under your flag.


Consider how each employee in your company has a bookmarking system for their browser. If you were looking for a website dealing with copyrighting logos, wouldn't it be great if you could temporarily combine your bookmarks with the bookmarks of your firm's legal beagle? KB Meister can do that!

KB Meister supports more than the URLs in bookmarks. It supports any file type your hard drive can store. It also supports "blogs", discrete pieces of knowledge your employees produce for themselves, like instructions for backing up their data. Left to grow without a structured enterprise-wide filing system, such URLs, files and blogs can quickly grow into a rats nest of disconnected information hidden deep in subdirectories on your network servers.

KB Meister allows you to structure this invaluable corporate asset so employees can find what they seek. And with your brain trust asset online, your employees can leverage it from anywhere.

See the Features page for details on how this works in operation.

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